Sunday, October 10, 2010


It has been a while since I posted.  I celebrated a birthday and both of my sisters came out to California to spend time with me.  We had a great day in San Francisco with one of my daughters and a friend. 
   It has been an odd summer that was cooler than any other summer I remember.  Only a few days broke 100, while the rest of the country was experiencing heat waves we had a temperate summer here in the SF Bay Area.  Unlike San Francisco, the East Bay usually gets pretty warm in the summer, but the heat waves only last a few days and then fog creeps in to cool us off.  Then it burns away and we get warm again.
   Anyhow, the lazy days of summer have come to an end and it is the time for the falls shows.  I have discovered my love for the 50/50 merino silk roving that I am know dyeing.  It seems like everyone else loves it also as I am selling a lot of it.  The silk gives it a beautiful sheen and it is easy to spin.  I worked with this type of roving in a class that I took at the CNCH (Conference of Northern California Handweavers), taught by Judith M.M.  Spin Off Magazine also had an article about spinning this type of roving earlier this year.  It is fun to spin in a bulky single that you full after spinning.  I made some and gave it to my friend Gabrielle. 
  Speaking of Gabrielle, when she worked with me at the Indie Mart, she told me that I needed to work on my warm colors, especially the reds.  I took her advise and apparently, that is what everyone else thought, my reds started selling before the vendor area opened to the public and were sold out mid way through the day.  Thanks for the great advice Gabrielle!
I have started a fan page on Facebook for Twisted Sunshine Designs, please join us and feel free to post any photos you have of our products or your projects, whether they are underway or complete.
  I recently bought a used Silver Reed LK150 knitting machine, joined the SF Bay Area Machine Knitting Guild and went to a meeting.  Today I am picking up an instructional DVD and will be setting up the machine, wish me luck!  At yesterday's guild meeting I learned a lot about hand manipulating stitches on he machine to make beautiful patterns.  I am excited to get started and am hoping to incorporate my hand spun into projects just as I do on the loom and in hand knitting.
  Due to selling at shows, I have temporarily closed the etsy store, please email me with any order requests you may have.

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