Monday, November 14, 2011

Bienvenidos a Madrd!

Saturday to Sunday What a long day it has been. Leaving  for SFO at 6 am, the fight to JFK was absolutely packed, as was the flight to Madrid.  Shari had no problem finding me at JFK. We upgraded our seats to economy plus, a great move. They reclined nicely and had a lot of leg room. Made for a nice relaxing trip. I was able to sleep most of the trip. We should be in Madrid in 1/2 hour. I am looking forward to wash up and change my underwear........ Made it to Madrid and our Hotel, the Hotel Preciados near Plaza Calleo. We had full day. After freshening up we hit the streets. First we got used the local ATM for some cash and starte walking to find the El Raestro flea market, not knowing quite where we were going. tried to ask directions on the streed but no one could understand us, so with help of our map we meandered and finally found ourselves Plaza Mayor, went to the TI office for some tourist info and to find our way to El Raestro. Just a few blocks out of the gates of the Plaza we found the market. The streets were packed, the sight and the sounds of the crowd were amazing, it had an energy all it's own.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Looking  Forward. As I clean up my outside dye kitchen for the  winter my thoughts are turning to my wild adventure I am about to embark on with one of  my sisters.  We are going to Spain and I hope to blog about my trip here.  Let's see how it goes....
Keep on spinning in the free world!
Now that the weather is cold and rainy, I thought it would be a good time for a quick pictoral review of summer

spinning at the farm

Tour de Fleece-->

Trip to the Yarnival and Camp Pluckyfluff
Looking back.....summer was great, plenty of bbq's,  time with friends, spinning, swimming, dyeing and shows.  Now fall has really set in and winter is around the corner.  Many of us have experienced the first snow of the season so I thought it would be a good time to take a look back at the fiber photos of summer.  From Spinning at the Farm, the Oakland Fiber Fest, the Yarnival, Lambtown and plenty of fun in between.

How much stuff can we fit in a car?  Answer - 4 people, 5 wheels, 5 fleeces, a drumcarder, 4 overnight bags, a cooler and more!