Saturday, May 19, 2012

Twisting at the CNCH

silk hankies
We were at CNCH, here are some comments from friends of Sunshine: Its funny how we all run in the same crowds. I saw so many familiar faces...the same faces that I see at every fiber event. I love, love, love listening to everyone's stories and adventures. We met Dana, who unfortunately lost everything in a house fire...she caught our attention when she said she lost both of her spinning wheels! She happened to run across an estate sale in the paper....fiber & wheels!! She got 2 wheels and pounds of roving and only spent $112 dollars! My friends and I have a blast at CNCH, spinning, knitting, eating and shopping. If you are coming tomorrow, stop by our booth or our food table. We have tons of yummy snacks. Booth 513, next to Carolina homespun. I love seeing our fellow fiber artists. Love color and yummy fiber. Hope see you at our next show. I had a ton of fun at cnch at Twisted Sunshine booth I think she has a very great eye in color combination. Got inspire with all the colors and fibers and trying to figure out my next new project. The most interesting person was a woman with a very unique outfit that she must have made for herself, as I am sure it could not be purchased anywhere. For lack of a better description we call her the pirate. The outfit made the woman look like she was Captain Jack Sparrow's grandma. She is on my video but I don't know if I can post here. There was a large upright velvet hat, and a highly embellished skirt and jacket. Her husband's outfit was not as embellished but more colorful.

Speaking of color, check out the dyed silk hankies, perfect for spinning, felting embellishment, you can even knit or crochet directly from the hankie.
core spun yarns

 batts for spinning and felting

                             plenty of sparkle

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Show time is coming

This coming Friday is the opening of the 3 day Conference for Northern California Handweavers (CNCH).  It will be held this year at the Oakland Convention Center at the Oakland Marriott at Broadway.  Just take BART to the 12 Street station and you are right there.  Twisted Sunshine will be there at booth 513, with our signature 50/50 merino silk rovings, textured batts and many different fibers for your spinning fantasies!  Come visit, say hello and meet up with like minded fiber enthusiasts!
Follow this link for details and a discount coupon
Dyeing is finished, now to finish braiding. labeling and batt making.  Pictures will be posted shortly.