Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Busy getting ready for Stitches.  Wonderful friends helping me over the weekend.  The house is a complete disaster and I am wondering how everything will get done.  Here are some photos taken by Alison the master skeinwinder, on Sunday.


Friday, February 19, 2010

getting ready

I have been busy getting ready for Stitches West.  Dying up a storm, making batts, spinning kits, felting kits, getting yarns ready.  This is the last weekend to put the finishing touches on everything.  I haven't gotten a chance to take photos, will do that this weekend and post them. 

The beautiful weather earlier this week was perfect for hanging out the rovings and yarn so they were able to dry.  The weather was clear and warm, went up to 69 degrees.  That is the wonderful California weather I remember.  This winter has been mostly rain, and a lot of it, so it was nice to enjoy the sun and some early spring fever.  Well the clouds are back for the weekend, so the last of the dying will be drying in the house.

The stormy weather inspired a lot of the colorways I was working on.  I dye in small batches so most of the pieces are unique with only a few of each color but always with coordinating colors.  The natural dyes all go well with each other and it is fun to mix and match.  I have taken strips from several different rovings and alternated them when spinning to create beautiful yarns.  I will have some samples with me.

I want to thank all my knitting friends for their help and support.  The Monday night Walnut Creek Knitters and the Thursday night East Bay knitters.  You guys really rock.

Busy weekend - hope to update photos by Sunday.  I have held off on stocking the etsy store until after Stitches, I want to have my stock on hand for this event and then will post on etsy.

Please come and see me and Slipped Stitches in booth 843 at Stitches West - See you there!