Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First post!

My first post, I have been thinking about how to start.  Sometimes I just think much too long and need to act. ..  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I still have a lot to do.  My younger daughter flew in from college today and my older daughter picked her up at the airport.  Seeing them together is just like sunshine to me.
My newest batch of dyed fiber is drying.  It is indigo, I love indigo, over dyed with marigold.  A beautiful sea green type color. And then there is the madder, dark Turkish red.  My friends at Faerie Mountain and I all dye with madder and all get dramatically different colors.  It has to do with the ph in the water and if you mordant with cream of tarter.  Colors we have gotten range from a pale orange to a deep dark red.

I vended with Faerie Mountain at Lambtown last month and we will be at the craft show at knit one one in Berkeley the first Saturday in December and also at Verb for Keeping Warm on Sunday.  I need to label and tag the fiber, set the twist in my handspun yarn and finish off the jewelry items.  Lots of work to do and I love every minute of it!

Back to Thanksgiving prep!