Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wondering why....

Sunshine dressed to party
...wondering why I have a blog, I never write in it and I don't think anyone reads it.  I have good intentions, but it never gets past the intention stage.  My knit group, otherwise known as my friends, family, etc.  encourage me.  We have plans to blog and podcast.  Again, we have the intention to write about our adventures, antics and knitting/spinning projects, but I guess we are all busy doing and don't have the time to write about it.

The summer has flown by, can't believe SOAR is starting tomorrow.  I am only going to the retreat part, so I will be up there Thursday through Sunday.  New adventure for me and I am excited.  I am going by myself, which is something I have never done before.  I have been alone on business trips, but have never gone away on an adventure like this all by myself.  I don't know anyone who is going so I will have a room mate that I have never met before.  If I do say myself, this is brave, maybe crazy.  I called the hotel and was told that at this time my room mate is named Alice and she is from Iowa.  Hmm, the home office of the company I work for is in Iowa and I have been there a few times.  Not New York or California, but I have met many nice people in Iowa so I am excited.  Brief communication with Alice from Iowa on Ravelry, should be fun.

Thanks to my wonderful friends, I have plenty of knit goods to wear; shawls, hats, mitts.  It's not that I don't knit, I just rather spin.  I am not a prolific, or talented knitter like most of my friends. Just like a knitter I will wear lots of knit items that don't necessarily match.  I am taking several interesting classes and will have plenty to report on, that is if I take the time to write about them.  I also need some photos, but my photos have a way of just staying in my phone or camera and never going any where,  like my photos of the rainbow colored sheep at Lambtown.  That will be another blog entry.....

I am soaking yarn to dye, so that is what I will do next (hope the sun doesn't go down before I start.  And then there are all the apples that I asked my husband to pick and I promised to do something with, although letting them rot in bowls on the kitchen counter was not what he had in mind!


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